Three Horses

Zinc & Castor Oil Cream with Tea Tree Oil

Worried about mud fever, rain scald, cracked heels, cuts & sores?


EQUICREME is used by racehorse trainers, stud farms and show jumping and eventing yards. Horse and pony lovers everywhere use it because of its efficacy in the treatment of equine skincare problems.

It provides a protective barrier against bacterial and fungal infections whilst moisturising and soothing when applied to minor cuts, rainscald, mud fever and other skin irritations.


Equicreme is packed in 400g tamper evident pots.

It is easy to apply and its emollient action makes it ideally suited for massaging sore joints as it penetrates and soothes.

It contains Tea Tree Oil, Castor Oil, Lanolin, Zinc Oxide and Petroleum Jelly.


We only sell within the European Union